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Xero training for business owners

Xero training for your business

Businesses buy Xero but don’t always invest in Xero training.

No one buys accounting software because they want accounting software. They buy it because they want to understand and improve business performance.

Which is important.

Which is why Xero training for business owners and staff is important.

What information do you need to run your business?

This question is the starting point. We answer it with you and work backwards from there to the financial transactions going in to Xero at the front end.

Your financial transactions will include:

  • Sales invoices, which you might generate inside Xero or in other software
  • Suppliers’ invoices
  • Bank receipts and payments – are your bank feeds set up and working?
  • Payroll data – which might be run in Xero or outside

We’ll look at how to input everything as efficiently as possible. If there are useful apps that can speed up data entry then we can look at them with you – subject to our app spoiler alert!

How does our Xero training for business owners work?

We run half-day sessions at your business or our office and we work with you and your colleagues on your financial data.

If further sessions are required then we can agree them as we go.

We also work with you if you need some ad hoc support – we’re happy to run short sessions on Teams / Zoom to help you get the best from Xero.

Sounds like what you’re looking for?

Call us on 020 7125 0270 and we can go from there.

Michael – @bluedotmichael

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