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We’re a small business, I do all the bookkeeping – I just need someone to keep us on the right track

I do all the bookkeeping

We see this scenario quite often.

Two people set up and run a business and one of them takes on the bookkeeping and accounting work.

It’s important to get some training on the accounting software you’re using but by and large everything can settle down and run smoothly.

But from time to time it’s worth checking in with your accountant just to make sure everything is in as good a shape as you think it is.

Just press play but pause it if you need to.

Bookkeeping and accounts for a small business

Most businesses don’t change what they do very often.

The level of activity certainly changes, there are busier and quieter times and there’s often growth from one year to the next. But it’s comparatively rare for new products and services to be launched.

Which means the bookkeeping very often stays on course. And a light touch is all that’s required.

Bookkeeping and accounts for a small business

There’s many ways of getting the work done and keeping it in good shape.

If it’s not working for you and your business then let’s have a chat.

If you’re in our South West London neighbourhood – Fulham, Putney, Hammersmith, Chelsea – then give me a call on 020 7125 0270 or email or pop in and see us at Fulham Green.

Michael – @bluedotmichael

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