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I can have the business I want – by stopping the business I’ve got

Some time ago I posted a blog entitled “I can’t have the business I want…..because of the business I’ve got!” which concerned an owner-manager who had become trapped in his company by time-consuming, low-profit clients he didn’t really want but couldn’t afford to lose.

Recently, I was talking to another owner-manager who solved the problem by simply changing her business.

She started up some years ago providing the same services to her own clients that she had provided in corporate life and that got her new company off to a good start. However, she had become disillusioned with what she was doing and didn’t want to continue with it.

And this is one of the beauties of running your own business – you can make it do what you want it to.

And when you change direction you have one massive advantage – you already know how to start up and run a business!

Having made some profits and built up some cash in the bank, she stopped marketing her existing services and re-trained in a different activity. She’s now about to launch her new services into a new market and is very confident that she’ll succeed and also be a lot happier with what she’s doing.

What she had before was hardly an Ugly Duckling but she emerges from it as a beautiful swan gliding towards success and fulfilment 😉

So, good luck to her and it’s a lesson to all of us who run our own businesses – use the freedom you have to run the business you want.