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QuickBooks training in Richmond

QuickBooks training

Our QuickBooks training for businesses in Richmond is customised to make sure QuickBooks fits your business like a glove.

Whether you’re on your own, early-stage or an established business, we’ll help you make the most out of your investment in QuickBooks.

We work with you and your colleagues and use your live business transactions to make sure that we:

  • understand your business and configure QB to produce the financial information your business needs
  • look at data-entry and explore the most efficient ways, such as apps, of getting transactions into QB
  • look at financial controls, such as bank reconciliations, to help prevent and detect errors
  • ask what information you need in order to understand and improve performance
  • customise the reports you’ll need
QuickBooks training

How does our training work?

The starting point is a half-day training session which costs £300 plus VAT. This can be at your business or our office.

If further sessions are required then we can agree them as we go.

We also work with you if you need some ad hoc support – we’re happy to run short sessions on Teams / Zoom to help you get the best from QuickBooks.

That solves all the problems!

JS – company director
QuickBooks training

Your accounting should reflect your business

“You can have any colour you like – so long as it’s black!”

Maybe Henry Ford said this about the mass production of cars, maybe not. But the same thought process exists amongst accountants and bookkeepers – and not in a good way!

Too many accountants and bookkeepers have their in-house way of doing things. They know how to do bookkeeping and they can do it for you, just the same as they do it for dozens of other businesses.

But your business is unique and your bookkeeping needs to be done so that it accurately reflects the behaviour of your costs and revenues and helps you grow profitably.

Which is why we take the time to understand your business at the outset.

So you don’t end up like these guys did:

You can have any expenses you want – so long as they’re Direct Expenses

QuickBooks training

QuickBooks training in Richmond

Not only are we on your doorstep for your QB training but we’re close at hand for any follow-up to make sure everyone that needs QuickBooks is using it properly.

Sounds like what you’re looking for?

Call us on 020 7125 0270 and we can go from there.

And your business will soon be able to produce reports like this in QuickBooks:

Michael – @bluedotmichael

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