QuickBooks training for small business owners

We do a lot of QuickBooks training for small business owners and here’s a short case study that shows how the right QuickBooks Online training can go a long way.

Tom and Dick run a video production business and have been using QuickBooks for years. In 2017 they migrated to QuickBooks Online.

They’re comfortable raising invoices and processing incoming bills from suppliers but they had a number of misgivings about:

  • the automated bank feed
  • which VAT codes to use
  • project accounting
  • management information

With Making Tax Digital on the horizon they wanted to get QBO working properly so they could get on top of their finances and have peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

QuickBooks training just for them

We visited Tom and Dick, reviewed QBO with them and agreed what would help them and be right for their particular business. The training covered:

  • clearing the bank feeds and reconciling all of the bank accounts
  • adding credit cards into the bank feeds
  • rationalising the VAT codes
  • short cuts and best practice for data entry
  • setting up customised management reports for debtors, creditors and profitability

We also introduced AutoEntry as a paper-free tool for processing inbound suppliers bills and out-of-pocket receipts.

All of the training was delivered in their office, using their real-life transactions. Also, we arranged screen-sharing sessions on Skype in case they got stuck between visits.

QuickBooks training for small business owners – like you

Our QBO training fills in the gaps in your knowledge and gets QBO working in the right way for your business. You can save hours of your time and the flow of financial information that comes your way can help to increase your profits and improve your cashflow.

And because you know how QuickBooks works you can make sure your bookkeeper or accountant is doing the right job for you – at the right price!

If our bespoke QuickBooks training sounds like the missing link for your business, please call me on 020 7125 0270. Prices start from £300 plus VAT for a half-day session.

Michael – @bluedotmichael

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