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Welcome to Blue Dot Consulting, your local accountants for Wandsworth.

We specialise in providing practical accounting services to businesses and individuals across South West London.

Of all the accountants in Wandsworth, why choose Blue Dot Consulting?

At Blue Dot Consulting, all of us have worked in the finance teams of businesses, from bookkeeping roles to Finance Director and all points in between. Which means we understand the real world of accounting in business.

So, if you’re running a business in Wandsworth but not getting the financial clarity you need, we could be the missing link you’re looking for.

Whatever stage your business has reached and whatever your growth ambitions, we offer help that fits your business today and tomorrow:

The key to good accounting is excellent bookkeeping.

We are 100% cloud-based and use technology where we can to make bookkeeping accessible to you and us. For example we partner with both QuickBooks and Xero.

What are we like?

Blue Dot Consulting went above and beyond in helping us navigate not only the transition to cloud-based accounting but also in leading our accounts team through a broader period of transformation

And we’ve got this blog, which tells tales from the real world:


If you like what you see and you’re looking for a local accountant in the Wandsworth area, then call us today – 020 7125 0270 or email

Let’s grab a tea or coffee and have a chat about your business and where you want to take it.

Meet Blue Dot Consulting

A word about bookkeeping

Good bookkeeping is at the heart of every successful business.

Bookkeeping must be correct and complete if it’s to be useful and this is a skill like any other professional business service.

Any errors and omissions will mean the financial information you rely on to run your business will be wrong.

Embrace the technology which continues to improve bookkeeping – making it more efficient and accessible – and, if you need it, call in some outside help.

But the key message is: get on top and stay on top of your bookkeeping!

And don’t overlook that outsourcing your bookkeeping might be a sensible approach, leaving you and your colleagues free to focus on your business.

So, if you’re looking for local accountants in Wandsworth…….

Then call us today – 020 7125 0270 or email – or pop in to see us at Bedford House, Fulham Green, London, SW6 3JW.

We’ll put the kettle on.