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Xero software training for your business

Xero training for your business

You’ve got Xero working but perhaps it’s not quite doing what your business needs. Would a little Xero training actually make it come alive for you and your business?

Like all accounting software, Xero is all about the information you can get out of it – information that helps you make better decisions and improve profitability and cashflow. Which means you need to get on top of two things:

  1. Data entry – must be complete, efficient and accurate
  2. Financial reports – must be accessible, understood and acted upon

Xero software training to fit you and your business

Although there is plenty of help available to answer specific “how-to” questions (see link below for Xero help), it tends to be “one size fits all”. But your business is unique and the way you understand it is unique.

So your Xero training needs to work for you and your transactions. It needs to be specific and bespoke, not generic.

Which is why our training sessions use your actual transactions and look at:

  • the sources of your sales and purchases transactions
  • the correct accounting for your transactions
  • what reports need to be produced so you can understand and improve profit and cashflow

Sounds good?

What next?

Our Xero software training takes place in half-day blocks which cost £300 plus VAT each.  Two blocks, with a gap between them for you to work in Xero usually gets the job done.

They can be at your business or our office but whatever the location – we will be working on your live Xero file and your live transactions.

If this sounds like what you’re missing then give me a call on  020 7125 0270 and let’s talk through what you need and get a date in the diary!

To whet your appetite – this is the sort of content we cover:


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