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Bookkeeping, accounts and tax for a one-person company

Bookkeeping, accounts and tax for a one-person company

The hard part about running your own one-person company is not the bookkeeping, accounts and tax – it’s making a profit!

But you do need to give some thought to the financials and here’s a one-minute explainer covering many of the important points you should consider.

Just press play but pause it if you need to.

Bookkeeping, accounts and tax for a one-person company

So there’s plenty to think about but don’t hide your head in the sand.

It’s a bit of a feeding-frenzy when you get going but bookkeeping soon settles down and should tick along in the background without too many dramas.

And if you need inspiration, click on this link because Pea and Elle know all about bookkeeping, accounts and tax for a one-person company!

I Hate Bookkeeping

Some people do all of their accounting and tax themselves but it isn’t for everyone. So, if you need help – there’s plenty of help about.

Help might include some software training so you know how to use your accounting software properly. We can help you here if your business is using QuickBooks or Xero.

QuickBooks and Xero

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