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Accountants in Chelsea

Accountants in Chelsea

We’re accountants in Chelsea and we specialise in the financial management of businesses.

Whether your business is early-stage, multi-million turnover or somewhere in between, you need a continuous flow of relevant and up-to-date financial information that you can understand and act on.

You need a finance team that understands your business.

That’s where we fit in.

Plug the gaps

Fitting in can range from:

  • doing all of the bookkeeping, VAT and payroll for a small business or a start-up
  • working along side your in-house team to add skills and experience they don’t yet have
  • being your entire finance team
QuickBooks and Xero

Use technology but don’t be a slave to it

Accounting hasn’t changed much over the centuries but technology has.

We use a cocktail of software such as QuickBooks, Xero, AutoEntry, Dext and GoCardless.

Why? Because they’re useful. Not because they’re hyped.

From efficient data-entry, via VAT returns and getting paid, to useful, collaborative management information, we’ll deploy the technology that does the job and fits your business.

Annual accounts

Annual accounts and tax

For some clients we simply prepare the annual accounts and corporation tax return.

But for most businesses we’re working throughout the year and the annual accounts, whilst important, should simply be the twelfth set of management accounts, with no surprises, in a format that can be sent to Companies House.

As for corporation tax – pay the right amount but don’t put the tax cart in front of the business horse.

Stand out from the crowd

Are you looking for accountants in Chelsea?

If you’re looking for an accountant in Chelsea that’s local and has the practical skills and experience to build the financial foundations of your business then let’s meet.

Give me a call on 020 7125 0270 or email me at

No forms to fill in, no online questionnaires – let’s get straight to a cup of coffee and a chat.

Michael Austin@bluedotmichael

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