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National Insurance Employment Allowance – £2,000

HMRC logoFrom the start of the 2014-15 tax year many employers will be able to claim the employers’ national insurance allowance worth up to £2,000.

The Employment Allowance is available from 6 April 2014. If you are eligible you can reduce your employer Class 1 NICs by up to £2,000 each tax year.

You claim the allowance through your payroll software – in effect your business will pay up to £2,000 less employer’s NI, provided the business is eligible.

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Employing a new person – use the HMRC Starter Checklist

HMRC logoThe past year has seen immense change in the way that employers interact with HMRC following the introduction of the Real Time Information rules.

There are gripes about it, but generally the system is working very well. A big part of making it easy for yourself is to gather the correct information every time a new employee starts work for you and you can simplify this process by using the HMRC Starter Checklist. Continue Reading

Retailers – if you want my email address then email me your invoice

A thought from a paper-free office.

I bought a laptop for our company recently from a large PC retailer and when I got to the cash desk the first thing they did was ask for my email address.

Then I paid and then they printed a receipt from the till.

Why all the paper, which I now have to keep, take to the office and account for? Why didn’t they simply email me the invoice?

I guess I will now get marketing emails from the retailer, until I unsubscribe, so there is something for them in the transaction of me giving them my email address, so why not something that would be useful for me?

I paid with the company debit card so I can import that transaction from my bank account into QuickBooks and if I had the emailed receipt I could save the PDF either on our server or within QuickBooks, so there is no reason from my point of view for me to have any paper.

So, come on retailers. You are all fearful of competition from online competitors so why not do something that they do – email the receipt if the customer wants you to.







Cloud accounting – hosted or online, that is the question

Cloud pictureCloud accounting is here and becoming more prevalent by the day.

Like so many areas of software, cloud accounting is the direction of travel and soon it will be much less common to see accounting software running on a PC.

There is a lot of investment (and hype) going in to online accounting software solutions but are they the best solution? It seems to me there are two alternatives – hosted or online.

How do you choose?

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Slow payments kill a company

www.morguefile.comWe hear a lot about slow payments and most of us experience the pain of slow payments, but for one client of ours it caused the death of the company.

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International VAT – made simple(ish)

VAT – a lot of the time it is as easy as falling off a log, but once you start to trade overseas it can get difficult and it is worth knowing the basics about how it works.

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